Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Doctor Maitham Al Salman

Sh. Dr. Maytham Al Salman is an international speaker who  has been playing a positive role in bridging positive relationships between cultures and religions.  He has participated in international conferences focusing on Inter-Cultural and Religious dialouge in the last 7 years of his life.  Dr. Maytham deeply believes that Multi Cultural socities should live in peace and love should be the biggest establisher of positive rapport and security within the universe.  He had also played a positive role in denouncing terrorism and believes that the absence of democracy is the force behind blossoming unsecurity in the Middle East .  He has been a guest in more than 50 TV shows on the subject of Multi-Cultural relationships.  Dr. Maytham has more than 15 publications in International journals on the subject.  He also published a book after the terrorist act in Sept. 11th 2001 called "Non - Muslims in the Eyes of Islam".  Dr. Maytham is a member of the following bodies:

1. The International Religious Board of Dialogue.
2.  Universal Guidance Foundation.
3.  American Society of Training and Development.
4.  The British Institue of Human Resources Development
5.  Islamic Unity Foundation
Dr. Sheikh Maithem Al Salman is a Bahraini citizen born on 1976. He graduated from Sacred Heart school private school that is run by nuns in Bahrain. He is a Graduate of the Canadian Victoria University, who returned to Bahrain after his studies, got married and started his own business.

He is the first to start religious rapprochement program which educates English speaking attendance about the peaceful mission of all religions.


Maitham is a sickle cell patient who was arrested at 9pm 19th of March upon arrival at Bahrain airport after attending Leipzig Exhibition in Germany. He was arrested only because he arrived to Bahrain during the national safety period where people were targeted according to their race and beliefs.

Maitham was never involved in any political activity and does not  belong to any political society.

He didn't have access to his family or lawyer for 3 months.
His family was eventually allowed to visit him once a week, however until this day he still has no access to his lawyer. No explanation was given about the reason or cause of his detention.

He is a very well known Master NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) instructor and a certified Master trainer for NLP trainers, he Mastered studies in the development of human resources and this explains the interest in emotional intelligence and the mechanisms of stimulation.

A holder of PHD in Islamic Philosophical Psychology from British University, as well as a PhD in Emotional Management , Commonwealth University. England.

He also worked as a visiting professor for Islamic philosophy in Singapore University.

Dr. Al Salman is a well reputed Trainer and Consultant, who has successfully trained thousands both east and west. Behavioral skills are his area of expertise, with emphasis on Emotional Intelligence and Competency Based Development. He is  popular international and satellite guest speaker, on Behavior Management subjects. He has extensive experience with improving overall human performance within organizations, and is involved in consultancy work in many areas.

He also provides training  at Roshod for Human and Management Development center with a number of well known world trainers.

Dr. Al Salman is a very understanding and open minded person, He emphasized on relationship between Islam and the west and how current situation requires finding common ground to build mutual respect between all religions. 

He focuses on the importance of two core Islamic values, first to love god, and the second to love neighbors regardless of race, religion or cultural background.

Dr. Al Salman  is an author/writer and has published 25 books both in English and Arabic a few of his published books are shown on this site.

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  1. Amazing !!!! a person with all of these great abilities is in between jail bars and we are free !!! it is really a strange world

  2. this is what happen now